How to keep your bird seeds dry

by The Betros Team 07/07/2024

 bird eating from a bird feeder

Many nature lovers and homeowners enjoy bird watching. Having a bird feeder is a wonderful way to welcome birds into your property. However, to keep birds healthy, it’s essential to have a bird feeder that keeps the seed dry - and safe from other hungry wildlife. 

Keep seed dry with weatherproof bird feeders

Wet bird seed with mold may be harmful to birds if consumed. Having a weatherproof feeder will help to keep wild birds visiting healthy. 

Use a weatherproof guard on the feeder

A weatherproof rain guard can be installed at the top of the feeder. This guard will act as an umbrella for feeding birds as they stow away from the rain. This guard can aid in protecting the seeds from rain water as well. 

Add another sheltered place for protection

Place a bird feeder under a shelter for visiting birds. You can build a hanging ledge over top of the feeder, or set up a makeshift house to cover the feeder. 

Include a drainage system

With the use of the right tools, create small drainage holes at the bottom of your feeder. This will allow any accumulated water to drain and keep seeds dry.

Bring them inside if the need arises 

If the weather becomes extreme, it’s best to bring the feeder inside to avoid damage. 

However, don’t let rainy weather stop you from enjoying a bird feeder. Weatherproof bird feeders are a great way to enjoy local birds without being heavily impacted by the weather.